Big Ass Battery welcomes YARD ENERGY as investor

YARD ENERGY Group B.V. has acquired an interest in Big Ass Battery B.V., a Dutch high-tech scale-up developing and manufacturing energy storage solutions. In addition, YARD ENERGY will be providing the company with growth capital. Big Ass Battery, located in Nuenen, the Netherlands, distinguishes itself through its innovative energy storage systems that are built entirely in-house.

YARD ENERGY and Big Ass Battery are both Dutch companies that play an important role in the energy transition. YARD ENERGY has gained a great deal of experience in the development and construction of wind energy projects and has built up an investment portfolio of scale-ups that play an essential role in the energy transition.
With this participation, Big Ass Battery is taking the next step in the realization of its growth ambitions. Founded two years ago, Big Ass Battery is now ready to scale.

“We are very pleased to have YARD ENERGY as a partner,” says Guido de Jong, founder and CTO of Big Ass Battery. “The extensive knowledge and experience that YARD ENERGY brings to energy projects and the energy transition is a valuable addition to our ambition and vision to make sustainable and safe battery technology available. Thanks to the participation of YARD ENERGY, we can expand our market position even further and grow faster. This enables Big Ass Battery to further expand its production capacity and make the product range available to a larger target group. A great step in supporting the energy transition.”

Lex Roukens, Partner YARD ENERGY Group: “We are impressed by the ambitions of the management team and their thorough understanding of battery technologies. Their in-house development of cutting-edge energy storage systems and an appealing customer base, coupled with their strong commercial capabilities, gives us confidence that Big Ass Battery is poised to emerge as a top international contender in the energy storage sector. We look forward to working with the highly motivated management team and majority shareholder Hidden Gems Capital.”

About Big Ass Battery

Big Ass Battery’s battery systems are used to accelerate the energy transition. Big Ass Battery develops and produces energy storage systems entirely in-house, from the battery cell to a complete system. Due to the modular construction of the systems and innovative software, Big Ass Battery products are smart, reliable and safe.

Big Ass Battery’s technology focuses mainly on construction & infrastructure, with applications such as charging electrical construction equipment, providing construction sites with electricity as a sustainable alternative to diesel generators, and fast charging EVs. Big Ass Battery also targets commercial buildings, the agricultural sector and solar parks that want to store solar energy and/or contribute to the imbalance in the electricity grid (grid congestion) – and for that reason want to trade energy on various markets. Big Ass Battery also caters for business premises that have insufficient grid connection and need a grid reinforcement (peak shaving).

Big Ass Battery’s portfolio includes small mobile battery systems from 60 KW power and 50 kWh storage capacity up to 10-foot containers with 1020 KW power and more than 1 MWh storage capacity, which can also be connected to each other, making the storage capacity unlimited.

About Yard Energy Investments

Until 2021, YARD ENERGY was one of the largest private developers and investors in wind energy in the Netherlands, having realized more than 400 MW of onshore wind projects in the Netherlands, Finland, and Poland. The majority of this portfolio has been sold to Eurus Energy, a member of Toyota Group. Since 2020, YARD ENERGY has been strategically investing in companies and projects with a focus on the energy transition. The initial fund, which is entirely self-financed, consists of ten different investments. A subsequent fund focused on the energy transition is currently being launched. Starting from the second quarter of 2023, external parties will also be approached to invest alongside YARD ENERGY in this fund.

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