Scalable Project and Asset Management

Real-time operational insights

YARD ENERGY manages its wind farms with Breeze System, a novel solution that provides real-time performance data across the portfolio, with multiple vendors in one system. The system can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and on a mobile device. A single source of operational information is exceptional in wind park management.

With Breeze System, real-time portfolio-wide management information is available 24/7.

Many older companies are saddled with different legacy systems across their wind portfolio. With Breeze System, complete real-time management information is available 24/7.

Transparency across portfolio

Most lubrication and hydraulic systems failures in wind turbines are caused by oil contamination. That's why proper oil maintenance, monitoring, and filtration are essential parts of preventive, structured maintenance programs. Breeze System’s real-time data allows for action on technical issues, like a dirty oil filter, as well as fact-based decisions on performance trends across the portfolio and industry.

Core business focus and expert network

Breeze System is just one of the ways YARD ENERGY uses cloud-based technology to maximize return on investment. As a dynamic network organization, YARD ENERGY does not invest in systems. Instead, cloud computing is the lean growth path. By eliminating the high costs of hardware, maintenance, back-up, redundancy, and the risk of inept legacy systems, pay-as-you-grow solutions allow for scaling up (adding internal and external users) and scaling down (removing users when a development project is complete) on-demand.

Subscription-based solutions for a single source of truth

YARD ENERGY develops and manages wind farms using subscription-based services including: Smartsheet, an intuitive project management tool which makes planning and document control across mixed internal/external teams simple and safe. Similarly, project teams share all project information on Podio, dubbed internally as ‘Facebook for Projects’. Instead of maintaining its own file server, YARD ENERGY uses Egnyte, a cloud-based solution for secure file-sharing and smart collaboration tools for all internal and external users, including investors.

Trends and learnings captured easily

An integrated platform of over ten cloud-based systems differentiates YARD ENERGY in the wind energy sector. Trends and learnings are captured easily and leveraged across the portfolio and development capacity is scaled to a perfect fit. This agile approach to information management is one of the reasons YARD ENERGY has been able to develop a relatively large portfolio with a small number of professionals and continues to expand seamlessly into new markets.

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