• LocationNeer
  • DateMay 2012
  • Turbines4
  • TypeENERCON E82-2.3
  • Megawatt9.2
  • StageOPS
  • CountryNLD

Windpark Boerderijweg is an initiative of Har Geenen and Erik van Eck. Through an investment by YARD ENERGY in Windpark Neer VOF, the wind farm was realized together with the project´s founders. Getting the financing was an interesting process because of a pending legal procedure before the Council of State and the related risk to securing the necessary permits. As a result, financing was not yet available, but the wind turbines had to be put out to tender to ensure timely delivery. In this case, YARD ENERGY financed the down payments. The wind farm is located in the municipality of Leudal and is currently the largest wind farm in Limburg.

In 2016 Eurus Energy has purchased the wind farm and renamed it to Eurus Windpark Boerderijweg.