• LocationZoetermeer
  • DateMay 2011
  • Turbines3
  • TypeVESTAS V90 3.0
  • Megawatt9.0
  • StageOPS
  • CountryNLD

Windpark Zoetermeer is an initiative of Wind & Co. In 2009, Wind & Co. asked YARD ENERGY to arrange financing for the wind farm. The relationship with Wind & Co. is structured as a joint venture, in which YARD ENERGY took a 50% interest in Windpark Zoetermeer. YARD ENERGY then raised equity through a group of investors. Rabobank Zoetermeer made project financing available. The investors participated through a business partnership taking advantage of various depreciation and energy investment tax reductions.

The wind farm is located at Business Park Lansinghage; a very challenging location because of its proximity to buildings. Because of good cooperation with the municipality of Zoetermeer, the surrounding businesses and the wind turbine supplier, Vestas, the construction phase was completed successfully. Windpark Zoetermeer demonstrates that it is very possible to make existing businesses or industrial sites more sustainable with wind energy.

In 2016 Eurus Energy has purchased the wind farm and renamed it to Eurus Windpark Zoetermeer.