VALUE MARITIME and YARD ENERGY partner in cleaner shipping

Growth capital and financing expertise for cargo ship exhaust filters.
Value Maritime intends to accelerate the installation of clean exhaust filters on ships. With the innovative Filtree System, ships emit less CO2 and zero particulate matter and sulfur. YARD ENERGY will assist VALUE MARITIME in speeding up growth, with capital and specialist knowledge in financing sustainable capital goods.

Value Maritime‘s patented Filtree System reduces sulfur, particulate matter and CO2 emissions from cargo ships. The plug-and-play Filtree System also helps to reduce acidification of the seawater. With the new collaboration, Value Maritime and YARD ENERGY work on cleaner air and water, using sustainable technology and smart financing.

Smart financing for cleaner shipping
The exhaust filters help shipbuilders and ship owners to comply with international emission guidelines. To make this investment feasible for all shipping parties, Value Maritime offers fully financed filter installations. Shipowners can buy, lease, or pay for the Filtree System based on the fuel costs they save thanks to the system.

“With the additional financing and experience that YARD ENERGY brings, we can offer our new patented filter technology Filtree fully financed turnkey to our customers. Just like you order solar panels for your roof at home, ”says Maarten Lodewijks, co-founder of Value Maritime. “With our Filtree System we contribute to cleaner air and sea and we generate fuel savings for the customer from day one.”

Less emissions, less costs
Since the start of Value Maritime in 2018, the company has helped customers to achieve concrete savings in emissions and in euros. Thanks to their technology, the emission of sulfur oxides (SOx) in shipping has been reduced by 711,450 kg, ships have emitted 42,752 tons of CO2 less, the ultrafine particle emission reduction is equal to 323 million km driving with a diesel car (8,081 laps around the world) and shipping companies saved € 4,5 million in fuel.

“YARD ENERGY believes in sustainable and innovative technologies,” says CEO Lex Roukens. YARD ENERGY is an experienced party in wind energy and an investor in the energy transition. “In addition to our onshore wind-related activities, we invest in companies and projects that accelerate sustainability, such as our investment in Value Maritime and the advanced Filtree System.”

Value Maritime is a young maritime technology company from Rotterdam. With their patented Filtree System and their smart financial solutions, they offer shipping a lower ecological footprint and a higher return. Value Maritime consists of a team of experienced engineers and financial experts.


YARD ENERGY is one of the largest private developers and investors in wind energy in the Netherlands and has realized more than 400 MW of onshore wind projects in the Netherlands, Finland and Poland. In addition to its own realized projects, YARD ENERGY invests strategically in companies and projects with a focus on the energy transition.

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