YARD ENERGY increases its position in Duurzaaminvesteren.nl

YARD ENERGY, an investor in companies engaged in the energy transition, increased its shareholding in crowdfunding platform DuurzaamInvesteren.nl and has become a majority shareholder. The acquisition helps to grow the company and obtain a leading role in the sustainable crowdfunding space.

With this transaction, YARD ENERGY increases its position to 80%, with Greenchoice remaining as a 20% co-shareholder. As part of the acquisition, YARD ENERGY also contributes capital, enabling accelerated platform growth.

“YARD ENERGY has proven to be a key partner and shareholder given its in-depth knowledge of the sector and wide network, especially now that we will accelerate our growth”, says Enrique Aparicio Torres, who remains active as CEO. “We will expand the platform’s functionality and invest in our organisation to accelerate innovation and improve the service offering to our customers.”

Established in 2014, Duurzaaminvesteren.nl has enabled raising more than €125 million of debt-financing for over 120 projects. The Amsterdam-based enterprise obtained a licence from AFM (the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) and operates under the supervision of the Dutch central bank.

“Duurzaaminvesteren.nl has clearly demonstrated its value and performance and has a huge growth potential,” says Lex Roukens, CEO of YARD ENERGY. “There is an increase in private investors seeking to invest in the energy transition. At the same time, there are more sustainable initiatives that need funding. With our investment in Duurzaaminvesteren.nl, we boost the matchmaking process between projects and investors and accelerate the deployment of sustainable solutions.”

DuurzaamInvesteren.nl was established in 2014 by Enrique Aparicio Torres and Barry Pieters. With over 120 projects and €125 million raised, Duurzaaminvesteren.nl is the largest crowdfunding platform in the Dutch sustainable energy space. The platform serves a fast-growing group of private investors who not only chase financial returns but also like to contribute to the energy transition.

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